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We ended last term with a fantastic mud slide at the Frost's farm. A great time was had by room 2.



Term 2 started with Mrs Kusabs joining us as a teacher aide and Mrs Davenport as a student teacher on Tuesdays.
Children have settled to routines quickly.



Room 2 enjoy playing Numero, a fantastic maths game that has been introduced to us by Mrs Kusabs


Trees For Survival

On May 8th Room 2 joined forces with Mrs White and Room 1 for a great day of planting. Children and teachers alike enjoyed what was a fantastic day!



Wheels Day
Another fun Friday at school, a wheely good time :)



On Thursday the 19th of June all the junior children did a superb job with their recitations!

Samantha Recitation.JPG

Samantha Lee did her recitation, The Fairy Swing by Shirley Barber. It is a story about Mary Catherine leaving her daisy chain behind on a branch and as a result of this a fairy swings on it. Samantha dressed up as Mary and acted out the story.

Emma Recitation.JPG

Emma Reid did her recitation, The Clothes Line By Carolina May. It is a story about a boy who plays with a ball and asks his mother to put up the washing, When he turns around he sees that the clothes are doing human things.

Emma said this about her recitation. "I had a top with a picture of a clothes line on the front. I had three props: A washing line (with the clothes line characters), my brother's football and a washing basket. I felt confident with the situation. I was the only one selected from Room 2 to present my poem at Hunua hall for the senior recitations.

Kiwi Sport - Soccer

Throughout this term all the children from Room 2 have been participating in soccer. Learning skills from passing, dribbling and shooting and applying them in a variety of game like situations. The children have enjoyed learning new skills and we may even have some future All Whites in our classroom.

Soccer 01.JPG Soccer 02.JPG
Soccer 03.JPG Soccer 04.JPG

Term 3
Trees For Survival

Room 2 joined up with Room 1 for a fantastic day out at Mr. Tonk's farm planting over 800 trees

Kate Show Us How.JPG Ready To Plant.JPG
Mrs Acton & Dylan.JPG
Emma C.JPG Jake R.JPG
End Of A Long Day.jpg


Children enjoy learning new techniques during art lessons

Art Trio.JPG Art 3.JPG


Room 2 along with the whole school had a introduction lesson to Hip-Hop, we are very fortunate that next year will we continue this with a series of lessons


Science Investigations

During Term 3 we have been investigating what plants need to grow, we have planted tomato, courgette, eggplants and capsicum seeds in a propagator and learnt all about the watercycle.

We have grown runner-bean seeds in glass jars using only water and light. We excluded soil as part of our investigation to find out if plants need soild to grow.

No Soil.JPG

This proved that bean seeds still germinated without the soil component.

After the bean in the glass jar reached a height of 15cm we then transfered one of the beans into a pot of soil.

15cm.JPGWith Soil.JPG

This proved to us that even though a bean is able to grow without soil, the soil component provided nutrients that were essential to the plant to continue growing as the bean in the glass jar stayed at 15cm, the bean in the soil reached 36cm and is still growing